The APTS makes its mark

The APTS makes its mark

Welcome to BlueAPTS, our new e-zine succeeding The APTS Review. The 30-page printed magazine you received twice a year in the mail is now a thing of the past. The rapid pace of events, the delays involved in printing and mailing the magazine, and certain environmental considerations (such as the volume of ink and paper needed to reach the 55,000 employees we represent) led us to conclude that a printed magazine was no longer viable, given our commitment to sustainable development.

BlueAPTS is a new way of sharing information, analyses and opinions that is full of possibilities: fresh content that is frequently updated; direct access to other publications and news on related topics; shared video reports; and tools to gage your interest in the topics that are covered. The e-zine will also be readily available on your tablet, smart phone and computer. The concept was developed in light of comments received when a number of groups were consulted. The aim? To pique your interest and invite you to sign up.

BlueAPTS  is also a way to reinforce what the APTS stands for. It shows our true colours: our interests, our concerns and our union approach.

Our concern for dynamic communication that reflects APTS members goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to union mobilization. The more unified our message, the further it will carry and the more effective we’ll be in defending our interests. But for a large number of us to be on the same wavelength, we have to know and understand one other, adjust to one another, and agree on what’s essential.

Our communications tools bring us closer together, so don’t miss the latest news! Sign up for BlueAPTS.

After the Québec elections

Given that the Election Act prohibits expenditures on activities encouraging or discouraging the election of a candidate or political party during the electoral period, we were careful not to try to influence your vote. However, we did publicize proposals to improve the population’s health, women’s health more specifically, the health and social services system in which we work, and your physical and psychological health as professionals and technicians in this system that is constantly being reorganized. You can judge for yourselves how they line up with the many election promises made by the various parties during the campaign.

In the coming months, the APTS will have to present our proposals to the new government and the new cabinet minister for health and social services. We hope the new team in power will understand that it’s in the government’s interest to listen to the groups that are working hard to keep health and social services going, given how invaluable these services are for the population. Our union’s cohesion and solidarity is what will give our spokespersons the credibility and powers of persuasion they need when they advocate for our members with the new government. In recent months, our campaign Hello, Anybody there? reverberated across the province, and its message was amplified by the vibrant personal accounts of our members working in different sectors. I invite you to set your mind to the fact that our collective call will be heard. We won’t hesitate to crank things up if that’s what it takes to get our message across.


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