Federal elections: extravagant government spending?

The federal elections are just around the corner, with election day fast approaching on October 21. The electoral campaign comes with its share of promises, commitments and attacks that may or may not be founded. Given that we’re being bombarded with a variety of positions, some issues may escape us.

Québec budget for 2019-2020: what change?

The budget tabled in Québec City had raised a lot of expectations. Would it come through with the changes promised by the CAQ? Would it ensure proper funding for services? Since Premier Legault asked to be judged on his achievements, the budget would be a good place to start.

Loyalty to the employer even on social media?

The right to freedom of expression conferred by the Charter of human rights and freedoms is not absolute, especially when weighed against the duty of loyalty to the employer stipulated in the Civil Code of Québec. This faceoff between rights and duties also plays out in the social media arena.

Combatting prejudice as a way to fight poverty

Since 2013, the APTS has actively supported the Christmas card campaign initiated by the anti-poverty collective, Collectif pour un Québec sans pauvreté. This December, we urge you to participate, not in a food drive, but in an awareness campaign to break down misconceptions and prejudice that undermine the lives of people living in poverty.

Public-private university hospitals: the dice were loaded from the beginning

The public-private partnership (P3) model complicates the process for eliminating occupational health and safety hazards in Montréal’s shiny new university hospitals. Simply obtaining authorizations for the necessary remedial measures is more arduous and time-consuming.

Exorbitant drug costs for how much longer?

A universal public pharmacare plan is one of the solutions advocated by the APTS to ensure better funding for health and social services. What response might we expect from the CAQ government?

Keep up the pressure on tax haven profiteers

People’s indignation about corporations and individuals who avoid paying taxes reached an all-time high in recent years with the Panama Papers and Bahamas Leaks scandals. What should be the new government’s plan for establishing genuine fiscal justice in Québec?