Working in youth centres: spotlight on an exceptional profession

On May 26, the APTS gave a moving presentation at the public hearings held by the special commission on children’s rights and youth protection.1 To mark the occasion, we decided to highlight youth protection workers and the challenges they face. We spoke to Natacha Pelchat, a youth worker at a rehabilitation centre and the APTS provincial representative in Laval.

Solutions to workforce shortages finally recognized as urgent

Just as the austerity period is about to end, the MSSS seems be discovering the magnitude of labour shortages in public health and social services. Revelation! Maybe the health ministry will also see the relevance of the unions’ proposals.

CHSLD nursing homes before the courts

If a class action suit is given the go-ahead, integrated health and social service centres will have to defend themselves in court for exposing nursing home residents to deteriorating conditions and a form of maltreatment resulting from personnel’s work overload and exhaustion.